Saving Lives with Water Intelligence

  • COVID-19 in wastewater can help track incidence across communities. See this
  • Check out our early stage Machine learning experiments on Dental Fluorosis. Learn more on Dental Fluorosis here
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Assistive Diagnostics

WaterHealthAI Detect, our critical early stage screening and diagnosis of Water Health problems such as life threatening infections, and water contaminant poisoining, is enabled by intelligent hints, cues and AI assisted analytics that help to make it easy to screen with speed and act quickly on diseases such as COVID-19, Fluorosis, Arsenicosis, Anemia linked to water, acute diarrhea and emerging infections


Predict trends and outbreaks

WaterHealthAI Predict takes data streams from multiple sources and links to future predictions such as climate change linked rainfall trends and other variables to project risk into the future. This feeds into our wider community of actors at who get decision making support for the future and help to act now for preventing the future


Hyperlocal Solutions

WaterHealthAI Solve customizes hyperlocal and specific solutions to mitigate the risk from Water Health problems. it builds on the vast knowledge within and strengthens it with community and person specific data. These solutions come back to the user and it becomes a loop of diagnostic data helping mitigation of risk


MEET WaterHealthAI


Our journey starts from INREM Foundation, an Indian non-profit that has been doing pioneering work on preventing water borne diseases such as Fluorosis in India. We realized that success of bringing change to millions of people in rural India and other parts of the world, can happen when we embrace community based processes with emerging exponential technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). Our early stage experiments led us to believe that community generated data along with science can help to prevent and mitigate many of the Water-Health diseases that the world suffers from. Creating WaterHealthAI is our first step towards this vision for a better world.


Many of the water borne and related diseases are easily preventable. But in the face of new challenges such as COVID-19 and Climate change, we are needing even more combined effort to face these challenges. We envision a world where the power of community generated data comes back to people to help them solve their own problems. When we aggregate the combined information from millions of people and put them to good use for them, we can build a much better world for all of us. And starting with Water and preventable Diseases is one big way in which we can make this happen.


At the core, we are building around decades of research in labs and on field in building evidence around many of the pressing Water and related Health problems facing India and the world. Around this, we are now utilizing newer tools of AI and taking support of Machine learning and other such algorithms for our 3 main platform dimensions of Detect, Predict and Solve. The analytics are assisted further by environmental models using climate change related prediction and other future projections. 



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